Algaebra på OpenUp’s trendspaning

21 september, 2015

Similar to OpenUp, edible packaging is a concept on the boundary between food and packaging. Even though edible “packaging” have existed for a long time, for example in the form of  ice cream cones and tortilla breads, we are now noticing that the trend around edible packaging is becoming hotter. More and more researchers, entrepreneurs and even established companies have started looking at more advanced concepts and technologies for edible packaging. The challenges with edible packaging are many, but there are also lots of possibilities!

Far too many consumers think that packaging only is unnecessary waste. One reason is that packages are considered to only cause problems once the product is consumed; for example as empty packages are littering our streets and as recycling containers are occupying more and more space in our homes. What if the package just could disappear once the product is eaten and the package has played its part? Even better; what if you could eat both the product and the packaging?!”